2019 Collabathon Webinar & Events

2019 Collabathon Webinar & Bootcamps

The Yale Node hosted several side events, such as workshops, bootcamps and educational tutorials to help you navigate the Collabathon and build background knowledge on prompts.

See the links and content below to review them.

All times are indicated in Eastern Time (New York).



Nov 4, 12 pm

Introductory webinar to the Collabathon

Nov 15, 10am

Navigate GitHub & Team Assembly

Nov 15, 8pm

Opening Speech by Yale Node

Nov 15, 8pm

Team Introduction

Nov 15, 8pm

Climate 101 Bootcamp

Nov 15, 9:30am

Yale Welcome

Nov 16, 11am

Navigating Prompts*

Nov 16, 12am

Open Climate Platform: Database & Blockchain Layers*

Nov 16, 1pm

Paris Agreement: ITMOs and Smart Contracts*

Nov 16, 2pm

Prototype with Purpose

Nov 16, 4pm

Game & Design Thinking

Nov 17, 1pm

Next steps & decentralized hack

*These workshops are live streamed. There is one standing broadcasting link for all workshops.

Access the live stream here.

Every node is welcome to create their own side events, live stream and upload them here.

Event Videos

Opening launch at Yale:

See the Collabathon launch event at Yale

Martin Wainstein from the Yale Openlab addressing the New Haven and global audience to launch the 2019 Open Climate Collabathon

Yale Openlab and Collabathon team share out in the launch event:

Collabathon team @Yale share out

Climate System 101:

Watch a video with a quick walkthrough of key climate concepts and background useful for a climate accounting system. The talk review the layers of the proposed integrated open climate system; see this diagram for context of what is on screen.

Check out this video for a full guide on how to get started on prompts. We are going over each prompt and how they tie into the Open Climate Platform.

Climate & Carbon Policy Bootcamp

Understand the policy context of the Paris Agreement and the current challenges of Article 6.

Game & Design Thinking

Prototype with Purpose