Climate Project Finance Platform
Help build a platform based on openx that would extend the idea of opensolar into a broader climate action focused platform
Prompt CF2: Help build a platform based on openx that would extend the idea of opensolar into a broader climate action focused platform
Prompt Host: Varunram Ganesh


Climate Finance broadly refers to projects or investments that are focused on improving the state of climate change in the world. An example of a project might be one that aims to plant more trees in Brazil with the help of people around the globe or a project that aims to use drones to accurately map the forest cover in a part of the Amazon rainforest. The platform that you build must act as a host for these projects, advertising them to the general public and accepting investments on behalf of the projects. You can choose to have different user roles in the platform (investor, beneficiary, etc) and customise the platform accordingly. You could think of your platform as something similar to Kickstarter but with a special focus on climate finance, powered by the blockchain.
Openx is a broad architecture which seeks to act as a base layer which platforms focusing on next generation investments can use. Openx uses Stellar to power its blockchain based investment layer but its design is modular and blockchain agnostic, which means it can use any blockchain to power its backend. Openx's architecture is structured in a way that platforms that build on openx import a certain set of credentials from openx and use it within their respective platforms. Opensolar is one such example of a platform built on top of openx and focuses on investments in solar energy. Create-openx-app can be used to start an openx based instance on Stellar or you could fork opensolar and write their own smart contracts depending on the blockchain you use. Database architecture is designed to be modular in openx, so make sure you have generic handlers that deal with database operations.


The goal of this prompt is to build a platform on top of openx which would focus on climate finance (ie) investments in projects which focus on climate change action and mitigation. Openx provides a base layer with user registration, account creation and support for the Stellar blockchain. You would be required to define the roles of entities in the platform (investors, advertisers, etc), and would be required to design an appropriate blockchain layer built on a suitable blockchain. We do not limit the choice of blockchain but would highly recommend that you choose a platform which is tested by users and which is not centralized to any single person or a group of entities.
The platform itself must offer a basic set of features in order to be useful to the broader community. In particular, it must offer investments in projects, login/signup and must implement a smart contract that would be auditable by the broader community. Other features that could be added on top are dashboards, entity-specific features, custom engines that implement features, etc.


The architecture of a platform is one of the most important pieces in the entire system. Broadly defining requirements, it must be designed in such a way that there is minimal trust involved in the system. This means that centralised control over coins, over how and when people can access specific projects is highly discouraged. The platform itself however, would be hosted on a centralised platform and we encourage developers to keep that as the maximum trust level required in the system.
The backend architecture is another important component while designing a platform. Openx uses a key value database to handle its storage due to its limited storage requirements but for platforms that build on top of openx, relations between various entities of the platform are critical and we would recommend that you use a SQL based backend database system. If you're interested in developing a frontend for the backend system you build, we would recommend you use ReactJS owing to its large community of users and contributors who can help move the project forward. Developing the full stack is a much more immersive task and would help you understand the difficulties of architecting and managing a real platform.


Openx has handlers designed for Stellar but there's no restriction on the blockchain that you should use for the platform you build. You should note that when choosign a blockchain for your platform, it is essential to keep a few things in mind - security, usability and scalability. Without a good combination of these three factors, it would be immensely difficult to build your platform so we recommend you take your time in choosing a blockchain that would serve the needs of your platform.
While openx uses Stellar, there is no restriction on which blockchain you would like to build on. Should you use Stellar however, there are existing handlers that interact with the blockchain end-end. Other suggested platforms for building the platform are Ethereum and Bitcoin.

Useful resources

Visit the Open Solar Docs wiki for more documentation
GitHub - YaleOpenLab/openx: A platform of platforms for next generation funding models powered by cryptocurrencies
GitHub - YaleOpenLab/openx-frontend: The frontend for the opensolar backend at
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