Climate Terminal

Develop a Bloomberg Terminal like interface related to climate change
Prompt CF4: Develop a Bloomberg Terminal like interface related to climate change Prompt Host: Varunram Ganesh


The Bloomberg Terminal is one of the most used financial platforms and acts as a one stop shop for information and markets related to finance. The Terminal has a sleek black interface which has a dashboard on the homescreen, summarising developments in the business world in the past day. It has shortcuts to news, information on specific markets, countries and companies, and the ability to invest in different markets around the world instantly.
In the context of climate change, there isn't a single source of reliable information like the Terminal which can be used as an authoritative source for accurate information. Such a terminal would be of immense use to policy makers, academicians, and climate enthusiasts around the world due to the wealth of information it would provide into a country's or company's commitment to climate change. It would also prove to be of great use to investors, who currently don't have a centralised system of finding cliamte bonds or assets to invest in.


The goal of this prompt is to develop a Bloomberg Terminal like interface but with a focus on climate change. This would mean displaying statistics on climate change, displaying the different markets climate assets trade on, and displaying the latest news from around the world on the progress and impact of climate change. While most parts for this might not exist yet (like climate markets, for example), prototyping the Terminal to deal with such data would be really helpful in order to integrate the markets when they are created. If the missing pieces are emulated, it would be really useful to be able to understand how the Terminal deals with dynamic data. In short, you would have to design a backend system for processing incoming data and serving it to the frontend and you would have to desiign a frontend for displaying this data, similar to the Bloomberg Terminal.


The architecture of the platform should be optimised for speed and latency with minimal compromise on user experience. We recommend that the frontend of the platform be built using ReactJS, due to the wide availability of resources and community support, and we recommend the backend be built with scale in mind using a language of your choice. For the underlying database architecture, we would recommend using a SQL based database to handle with the different relations among multiple elements of the Terminal.

Suggested Feature Ideas

News Aggregator - A news aggregator which pulls in data from multiple feeds and displays them to users is a great feature to have. Features for curation of content is noti necessary but would be great if added in. This wouls ensure that the Climate Terminal acts as an unbiased source for news on climate change.
Statistics Aggregator - The Climate Terminal can make use of openclimate's statistics and datasets in order to display statistics on climate change to the user. These statistics can also be pulled in from different trusted sources and aggregated in a single place.
Trading Platform - One of the most useful features of the Bloomberg Terminal is to place orders. It would be nice for the Climate Terminal to have this functionality built in so interested people can try investing in climate based assets. This feature is inline with the "Climate Assets Secondary Market" task.
Climate wiki / Vocabulary reference - Many terms such as UNFCCC, IPCC, etc are not so well known and much less is known about their impact in climate change efforts. A comprehensive vocabulary which compiles a list of all such important entities would be nice to have.
Mobile App - While this can be a web-based platform, we are in an increasingly mobile world and as a result, a mobile app would be impactful in educating the world's citizens about climate change. Both a standalone mobile app or a compatible mobile app are encouraged.