Prompt Categories

This describes the difference between the three families of prompts
Prompts can have several tasks that can either be worked on by individuals or the entire team. Some tasks are software-based and require front- and/or backend developers and/or blockchain developers etc. Other tasks are non-software based and require strategic thinking and business acumen, framework building or climate expertise. There are tasks that are suitable for everyone.
What in 2019 where understood as 'Collabathon Prompts' are now called simply 'Community Prompts'

Prompt categories

The following categories for prompts were used for the 2019 Collabathon and will continue for 2020: platform prompts, open climate prompts, and community prompts.
Prompts in this section are technical in nature since they correspond to desired improvements, features and issues to resolve in relation to the core software architecture of the Open Climate Platform. This section is currently in the Archived Prompt category.
These are the main climate-technology prompts and are organized around five distinct categories. These correspond to the 5 integrated climate domains of the proposed open climate system. Each prompt requires both climate and software knowledge.
This collabathon is a proof-of-concept for radical collaboration. Prompts of this section revolve around the creation of software and tools that facilitates collaboration and can improve the Collabathon experience in the future. They also represent original contributions by Collabathon community members, which may or may not directly advance the Open Climate project.