Build on Regen Ledger


Regen Ledger is a public blockchain for ecological data claims and credits, built on top of the Cosmos SDK.
During the Collabathon, the Regen Network team will be launching an internal Dev Net, and invite members of the collabathon community to join us in the process by running a node or building ontop of Regen Ledger with your own climate token project.


On Thursday Nov 12th, the engineering team will join the collabathon for our Regen Ledger Dev Net Launch Day. By the end of this day we will have:
  • A live Proof-of-Stake network running Regen Ledger, with validators run by our team and members of the Collabathon community
  • Features including:
    • Ecosystem Service Credit Module for issuing custom climate tokens and credits (regen-ledger/#117)
    • Eco-Data Module for storing, timestamping, or digitally signing ecological data on Regen Ledger (regen-ledger/#108)
    • Groups Module for managing of multi-sig accounts, community governed credit issuance, and DAOs (regen-ledger/#136)
    • CosmWasm Integration for securely deploying Wasm smart contracts on Regen Ledger (regen-ledger/#137)
  • Block Explorer & Faucet
  • Full documentation site with tutorials on how to issue your own climate token


All the code for Regen Ledger is available on our github below, which is the best place to go if you're a developer wanting to get familiar with Regen Ledger.
GitHub - regen-network/regen-ledger: Blockchain for planetary regeneration
Detailed instructions on how to compile Regen Ledger can be found here.
  • Open Climate Collabathon Github Milestone – Where we're tracking all the issues our team is working on during the Climate Collabathon
  • CosmJS – Javascript client for Cosmos blockchains, which can be used with Regen Ledger
  • Testnets Repo – This is where you'll find instructions on how to join our Dev Net as a validator
  • Discordmost importantly – Come join Regen's Discord server and let us know how you want to get involved during the Collabathon!


  • Thursday Nov 12th: Regen Ledger Dev Net Day (All Day! Join us on Discord!)
  • Saturday Nov 14th: HackLA Lightning Talk – Regen Ledger & Regen Science
  • Thursday Nov 19th 12pm-1pm PST: Regen Ledger Office Hours
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