OpenTEAM - Regen Network

Open source public infrastructure for ecological claims, data and markets
Working Group Hosts and Contacts: Regen Network Team (Gregory Landua, Cory Levinson, Sam Bennett), OpenTEAM Secretariat, (Dorn Cox, Laura Demmel)
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Introduction and Context to the Openteam - Regen Network working group:

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Our goal is to create a new living carbon eco-economy that is capable of sequestering 100% of human created carbon emissions into agro-ecosystems, forests and working lands and ocean systems.
To do this we need nested transparent accounting, intersubjective verification and open monitoring systems.
Join our working group to build the pre-competitive open source, user governed infrastructure that will unlock the potential of ecological regeneration to be a cornerstone of the successful regeneration of our biosphere and balancing of our atmospheric carbon levels to achieve the goals set forth in the Paris Agreement.
Open Team, or the Open Technology Ecosystem for Agricultural Management is an open source collaboration between leading companies, resource institutions and a global network of farmers aims to put farmers, soil health, data sovereignty, and re-use at the center of the new agricultural economy.
You can find out more about the network by perusing the webpage, kumu map, and gitlab project board with tracks the ongoing interoperability focused work of the community
OpenTEAM is using the 2020 Collabathon to sprint on key network goals around issuing land based mitigation credits using our technological tools and ecosystem partners.
Regen Network is a public blockchain focused exclusively on ecological data, claims and markets with specific functionality for ecosystem service credits. Regen's fullstack approach includes:
  • Regen Ledger, a public PoS blockchain built using the Cosmos SDK
  • Regen Registry, an open source project and credit registry system
  • An open science digital MRV pipeline and tools for reporting and verification for the issuance of carbon credits
  • an emphasis on inter-blockchain communication and interoperability in service to a coherent global carbon accounting system.
Regen Resources:
Regen Network is using the 2020 collabathon to gain developer feedback for our credit and data modules, test integrations with openteam partners, and hopefully run a beta test from field to credit generation using openteam tools to issue carbon mitigation credits.

2020 Collabathon Prompts:

  • Use GIPS to make an Ecosystem Service Claim on Regen Ledger via a digital signature
  • Push field data from Survey Stack to Regen Ledger
  • Sign a GHG estimation from CFT Perennials tool to Regen Ledger's Ecological Data Module
  • Connect Regen Registry frontend with Regen Ledger Dev Net
  • Create your own credit class!