Solar Financing - App Interoperability

This is a solar application of the ClimateSIG working group

User story example

Maria would like to create a microgrid for her town in Aibonito, Puerto Rico to be climate resilient, set up a fablab, and be a climate entrepreneur.

Using Raise Green's Originator Engine, which helps her develop a solar project eligible for securitization and public offering, she entered in the 27 orange button variables (See Variables Here >). She would like to send these variables to OpenSolar to make her project easy to run.

prompt 1: How are these variables sent via a Hyperledger trust layer over to the Open Solar application?


  1. ProjectName

  2. SizeMegawatts

  3. SiteAcreage

  4. SiteName

  5. ProjectEmail

  6. SiteAddr

  7. EnergyContractRatePricePerEnergyUnit

  8. PPAContractTermsPPATerm

  9. PPARateEscalator

  10. OffTakerName

  11. OfftakerEmail

  12. SiteLongitudeAtRevenueMeter

  13. SiteLatitudeAtRevenueMeter

  14. MeasInsolation

  15. ExpectInsolationAtP50

  16. RatioMeasInsolationToP50

  17. MeasEnergy

  18. ExpectEnergyAtTheRevenueMeter

  19. RatioMeasToExpectEnergyAtTheRevenueMeter

  20. Revenues

  21. OperatingLeaseExpense

  22. OtherCostAndExpenseOperating

  23. GeneralAndAdministrativeExpense

  24. Depreciation

  25. PPARatePmtMeth

  26. PPARateType

  27. EPCAgreeCostPerUnitOfEnergy

GitHub repositories

OpenSolar has two main repositories:

OpenX - which provides the main fintech applications

OpenSolar - which holds the main solar contracts and specified user interactions

For more info on OpenSolar and full documentation, access:

The Originator Engine

This application does not have an open GitHub repo yet, but is holds a beta deployment that can be used to understand the main interactions

Orange Button

See the full taxonomy viewer here >

Graphical Abstract for Prompt MVP

Proposed PoC for Solar Financing between Originator Engine, OpenTaps and OpenSolar