3rd July 2020

Collabathon and Beyond - Next Steps

Goals for this meeting

  • Propose next steps for projects
    • Possible goal for a first (ideation) sprint
    • Objectives for November
  • Project team formation


  • Discussion Points
    • Update on discussion with FINOS
      • How could we (Collabathon) collaborate with FINOS - Fintech Open Source Foundation ?
      • Propose webinar series on topics relevant to finace industry - examples :
        • Climate Finance, Climate Accounting, ESG
    • Explore collaboration with World Business Council for Sustainable Development (WBCSD)
    • Collaborating with Hyperledger Supply Chain SIG & meetings
    • Goals of the Collabathon for 2020
  • Recap on next actions from Meeting of 19th June
  • Next Actions on defining Projects for 2020
  • Future Topic List
    • Hack on LCA and other data sources - Martin & connects - Participants and date TBC
    • Legal aspects in supply chain - July 10th
    • Overarching Framework and Integration Architecture
    • Consumer disclosure in capital goods : environmental impact during the lifecycle - Christin
    • Consumer disclosure in energy markets


Detailed minutes compiled by Arnav are here.

Next Actions

  • Open discussion with World Business Council for Sustainable Development (WBCSD) and discuss possible collaboration
    • Martin to help locate relevant people and follow up by Karolina
  • Progress with next steps on "consumer disclosure plugin project"
    • Set up project on GitHub - Anshu / Arnav
    • Market analysis / feature table - Karolina / Anshu
    • A first pass at relevant databases - Martin
    • Progress with UI mockups - Martin
      • Arnav to check with Wanying
    • Open discussion with Bonnie Nixon, O Colby - Martin
  • Progress with C Neturality proof of Concept for Data Centres - Si Chen

Future Meetings

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