19th June 2020

Collabathon and Beyond - Next Steps

Goals for this meeting

  • Propose next steps for projects
    • Possible goal for a first (ideation) sprint
    • Objectives for November
  • Project team formation


Summary_ Karolina
  • Opportunities to Collaborate with the Hyperledger SIG's
  • Next meeting - discussion on
    • Hack on LCA and other data sources - Martin & connects - Participants and date TBC
    • Legal aspects in supply chain - July 10th
    • Overarching Framework and Integration Architecture
  • Logistics - Karolina & Anshu
    • Discuss interests on individual project teams
      • Opportunities to collaborate with Hyperledger
    • Meeting Frequency
      • Project workgroups - Weekly ?
      • Prompt meeting - Fortnightly ?

Requested Action in preparation for the meeting

  1. 1.
    Pre-reading in the agenda above, if possible
  2. 2.
    Please enter under active members , if you already know, how you would like to participate in various projects i.e.
    • Skills you would like to offer / develop
    • Time you wish to spend on the project
  3. 3.
    Please input projects, ideas that you would like to work on initiate via the form here. Please include any next steps you might have thought of already to take your project further.


Input - Saptarshi
  • Consumer disclosure in energy markets
  • Powerledger had a successful project where they used P2P energy transactions and made 50,000 transactions successfully.
    • The impact of using these as transactions are huge
    • The price of clean energy sources are dropping drastically
    • Want to use incentive from government to make people motivated to be more clean
    • Can work by a Producer/Consumer relationship between 2 peers
      • Can work where people are selling to the government
    • Similar Projects: Electron in London, WePower in Lithuania
  • Is there an opportunity to extend Blockchain to solar panels?:
    • Very relevant to Consumer Disclosure, even though it’s not ecommerce
Additional Topics
  • Pay to be able to offset carbon emissions
  • 1 CO2ken represents 1 ton of CO2
  • DAO has been implemented to bridge blockchain and the real world
    • To replace carbon certificates
  • How do you verify initial certificate:
    • There are registries that maintain a list of carbon certificates
  • Platform doesn’t make it tradeable:
    • It retires offsets in the real world and take a payment to do so
  • Vera has a whole range of methodologies on creating credits
  • How to prevent people from generating random currencies?
  • Industry level solutions to currency issues:
  • Why is blockchain required:
    • There is no need for centralization with the field of retiring certificates
  • Regeneration potential is in small details: blue carbon, sustainable farming, etc.
    • System is so focused on carbon that we forget about these co benefits
  • Grassroots Economics has created a community currency directly linked to the local currency in Kenya
    • Use DAI as collateral for local economy
    • Gives incentive to people to make changes because they can make their regenerative actions worth 4x their local currency.
Next Meeting
  • Pre-design sprint for projects and finding a platform that sees them coming together to create a common modular architecture.
  • International Trade Blockchain World-Supply Chain Conference Proceedings, June 2020 - Karolina
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Topic: Consumer Disclosure Working Group Start Time : Jun 19, 2020 11:29 AM
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