14th July 2020

Collabathon and Beyond - Next Steps

Note : This meeting is combined with the Hyperledger Climate Action and Accounting SIG



Discussion Points

Topic : Consumer disclosure in e-commerce journeys
  • Product specs for next phase being worked out within the current working group
  • Eleftherios : very limited availability in the future due to changes in work responsibilities. Would be happy to answer questions
Emerging Topic: Role of Media
  • Tim indicated interest in the role of media in the spread of (dis)information in climate and environment, influencing individuals. Example topics :
    • How news and company media help shape fundamental attitudes of individual around climate and environment
    • Applications of natural language processing in tackling disinformation
    • Tim and Christin are in early stages of discussion to develop this topic further

Next Actions

  • Plan for an ad-hoc Friday meeting - for those who could not make the Tuesday Hyperledger meeting.
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