Action plan for e-commerce plug-in


This page is intending in prioritizing the next steps for the further research and development concerning the e-commerce plugin

Existing Resources

The existing work is based on three axes, the Ecowidgy Back-end, the Ecowidgy Front-end and the sustainability score (TODO: add links to the relevant gitbook projects)

Concept decisions

  • What should be visualized to the user. Possible options:
    • CO2 emissions / Greenhouse emissions
      • what is specified as a goal for the Paris agreement?
    • Offset value in human currency
    • Combined/Single sustainability score
    • "Read more" link to display additional information on the way the numbers were induced

Development steps

Steps for supply-chain experts

Life-cycle Assessment

  • Confirm the validity of using LCA to get emissions of product categories
  • LCA Commons
    • Confirm the validity of the data
    • Confirm the calculation of produce price given consumer price, tax, product size/description
    • Propose a solution for distinguishing scores of different products belonging to same product category (soap vs. shampoo)
  • ...

Other databases

  • Possible sources:
  • whether they provide the required detailed information
  • what kind of conversion/calculation the required information needs to be used in the software
  • whether there is the possibility to acquire a license, or have a license donated

Steps for developers


  • develop a JSON API in order to allow the front-end client to connect
  • set up a development server to allow tests with clients
  • configure the LCAcommons crawler to fetch more product categories
    • for every product category one needs to enter the product produce value
  • write rules to associate product names with product categories
    • simple: use categorization of online shops (e.g. Amazon)
    • advanced: use machine learning and NLP to automatically assign product categories to previously unseen products
  • configure the crawler to fetch other impacts that are relevant apart from CO2


  • connect to backend server
  • provide link for displaying additional information on how the calculation was achieved
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