2019 Start a new Node

What is a node?

Nodes are local organizations, anywhere in the world, that host a Collabathon instance at their own venue. We can also see them as clusters of participants bound together by physical proximity, forming strong interpersonal relations. Currently, Collabathon nodes are:
  • Yale University, New Haven (Open Lab)
  • Los Angeles, Phase Two (
  • Shanghai
We encourage participants from other parts of the world to host a collabathon instance in their location.

What do I have to think about?

Nodes can host meetups and hackathons (typically 5-10 participants) or organize a larger event (50+ participants). You can host it for a couple of hours, days or have several meetings to work together. That is totally up to you - we appreciate your motivation to get people engaged! Here are a couple of things to think about:


  • Register using this google form link.
  • Wait for your application to be reviewed and for a call from a co-organizer.


Due to the widespread effects of COVID-19 and social distancing, this year's Earth Day Celebration will take place digitally. Join the Collabathon and observe last year's teams present their projects and continue them and listen to renowned experts discuss their research of global warming.

Event timeline

  • (4/22/20) - Earth Day Celebration
  • (05/20) - Summer sprint
  • (11/20) - Collabathon


  • Participants
  • Partners
  • Venue
  • Event
  • Collabathon Environment


  • Think about all possible student and expert communities that you can reach out to (software & blockchain developers, designers, climate policy & science experts, team leaders and business gurus)
  • Think about platforms, newsletters, associations, startup communities, research organizations etc. that might have the right audience
  • Communicate your node on social media channels (Twitter, Linkedin, Facebook, Instagram etc.), dev communities (reddit, etc), meetup communities ( etc
  • Use our email blurbs and marketing material to speed up communication
  • Always include link to our website for participants to register
  • If you have any ideas, reach out to organizations, institutes, companies/start ups in your area to send mentors and experts to your node or participate as technical partner
  • You can also think about prompt hosts to partner with at your node


  • Book a room/venue and be sure about the capacity for participants
  • Be sure you have a working wifi and IT equipment that might be needed (projector, extra screens, speakers, microphones etc.)
  • Participants always appreciate some snacks and drinks to keep them going
  • Have a nice hackathon playlist ready to zone in
  • You can think about satellite events, such as 30 min - 1 hr bootcamps on relevant topics that you can record and share with the global community
Collabathon Environment
  • Make sure to read through the Collabathon Environment section.
  • Install all programs and register
  • Send out reminders to participants to install and register prior to the event