2019 Nodes and Prompt Hosts
Nodes are organizations anywhere in the world where hackers will congregate in the provided space to participate in the Collabathon. Nodes will host a Collabathon instance at their own venue. Currently, Collabathon nodes are:
  • Yale University, New Haven (Open Lab)
  • Phase Two, Los Angeles (
  • Shanghai
We encourage participants from other parts of the world to host a collabathon incident in their location. Nodes can host a meetup with as little as 5 participants to work on a prompt together or host a large event up to 50 or more participants. Nodes can sign up and host incidents on any day or weekend leading up to the COP25 until December 1st.
Prompt Hosts A Prompt Host will create and post a climate challenge to the community, integrating to the proposed Open Climate System. Prompt Hosts provide participants with robust knowledge needed and technical guidance both before and during the Collabathon.

Guidelines and suggestions for Nodes

Nodes are the organizers of a Collabathon incident in their venues. This entails event space organization, catering, the recruitment of participants and technical partners, mentors, or sponsors and the technical enablement of collaboration with other nodes.
Nodes have the flexibility of identifying and collaborating with other institutions, universities, and partners. Nodes can choose to collaborate with a local Prompt host, participate in specific prompts or enable their teams to work on all prompts. Collabathon Nodes can also be Prompt Hosts, or partner with Prompt Hosts so that their Collabathon instance can have a domain specific focus.Yale Openlab provides technical guidance on setting-up and accessing the online collaboration environment.

Guidelines and suggestions for Prompt Hosts

Prompt hosts create climate challenges that are related to elements within the 5 climate domains (Earth State Systems, World System Registries, Climate Action Certification, Climate Markets, Climate Finance). Prompt Hosts are expected to provide participants with robust knowledge needed and technical guidance both before and during the Collabathon. This could be in the form of training, providing background information, subject matter expertise, data sharing, code etc. Ideal Prompt Hosts are two complementary entities, a climate knowledge, and a technical software partner. Startups, companies and research organizations that specialize in a relevant technology or climate domain can host a prompt to provide technical expertise, knowledge, data and mentors to collabathon teams.
For more detailed information on steps to host a prompt, access the following page: