2019 Host a prompt

We want to grow the Open Climate Platform into the most sophisticated platform out there that creates full transparency on the current earth state and carbon budget, and how climate actors on all levels (from individuals to organizations, municipalities and states) contribute through emissions and mitigations.
Countless initiatives exist that work on a puzzle piece of this mission. We are trying to integrate them all.

Contribute a piece of the puzzle

Do you have an idea of how to further improve this platforms? Are there links and functionalities missing? Are you working on a project or in an organization that might provide such a piece? Do you have an entirely new idea that needs background research and framework building?
Contribute a prompt that participants can work on to realize your ideas in this platform. You can be a prompt host this time or during the next Collabathon early in 2020 - anyway, please submit as early as possible.

Be a prompt host

As a Prompt Host, you should provide participants with background information, robust knowledge needed and technical guidance both before and during the Collabathon. You should be available to answer questions to the teams working on your prompts.

Steps to host a prompt

    1. 1.
      Submit your prompt idea here or contact us over email with your proposal
  • 2. Once you get a green light, you can add yourself as a writer here on GitBook; you will find the link to join and contribute in the ‘Welcome’ section on the side navigation.
  • 3. Create a prompt page in the appropriate category here on GitBook in the PROMPT section. Load all the information trying to follow the template used in other prompts, and borrowing from the suggested structure below.
  • 4. Created a Discord channel for your prompt, or ask an admin within Discord to that for you. Then link that discord channel in your GitBook page
  • 5. Then we need to get you set up into the CoMakery space, so you can manage the tasks that are associated with your prompts, and see which participants are interested in your prompt. There are multiple functionalities you can do within CoMakery, such as assign reward tokens once participants accomplish a specific tasks. Once you are logged into CoMakery, we will need to create a 'Project page' for you prompt. To do this, write Noah Thorpe or Ryan Morris on Discord requesting this page creation
  • 6. Once your Project page is set up in CoMakery, and you've been assigned as Project leader, you need to load the individual tasks that are associated to your prompt, so that participants can submit their work associated to those tasks
  • 7. Coordinate with participant giving them support, and have fun!

Support articles for CoMakery:

See the CoMakery tutorial for Prompt Hosts

Prompts have the following suggested structure:

Prompt Title: Prompt Blurb (short): Prompt Hosts: [Contact of people that helped create the prompt, provided the background content and can help you if you are contributing to this specific prompt] Hints: [this can often describe the level of difficulty and the skills required, as well as hooks to get participants interested] Contribution opportunities: [Describes different suggested ways to contribute, so that potential hack participants understand the scope eg. background knowledge, links, design, ideas, thoughtware, software, testing, tasks etc. They can be divided into general milestone tasks (called 'Batch of Tasks' in CoMakery) or specific tasks. ] Structure:
  1. 1.
    Background and Suggested Reading
    1. 1.
      Problem framing (both climate and technology)
    2. 2.
      Relevant Docs and Code to Review
  2. 2.
    Proposed solution (optional): [in case the prompt is to execute a specific solution, integrate a solution or test and review a solution]
  3. 3.
    Challenge Specifications
    1. 1.
    2. 2.
      Specific (optional): [in case it requires a specific code framework and approach]