2019 Your Digital Environment
We encourage all participants to login to all respective environments and tools before the Collabathon. Nodes are particularly encouraged to register their local participants on these tools.

General Communication

We use Discord as the communication tool for participants and teams to coordinate and discuss. Discord is also integrated with CoMakery and GitCoin [more below]. Use Discord to communicate with global participants, teams, node organizers, prompt hosts and mentors. There is a technical support team available for trouble shooting.
If you don't have a Discord account, you will be prompted to create one.

Team Assembly & Prompt Contribution Management

The 2019 OCC used CoMakery to organise the assembly of teams, help in the project/prompt management, and submit official work. The Collabathon was represented as a 'Mission' within CoMakery, and each prompt were set up as the Mission's 'Projects,' each one having general milestones called 'Batch of Tasks' as well as individual 'Tasks' which are specific contribution opportunities. More software heavy prompts and tasks can leverage the GitCoin ecosystem integrated to GitHub.
You can log into CoMakery using different accounts, however, if you don't have a Discord account, we recommend you create it first, and then log into CoMakery with your Discord account so its automatically linked to the communication channels.
Suggested steps for participant discovery and team formation:
  1. 1.
    Once you log in to the CoMakery Collabathon Missions, you can adjust your profile to define your 'Specialty' (eg. Software, Design, General etc.). This will help other participants see your skills as well as link your specialty with special prompt tasks that require it.
  2. 2.
    Once you've set your profile, browse through the prompts and select 'Im Interested' to all the ones you find that particularly resonates with your skills and interests. This will help you see other participants that are interested on the same prompts.
  3. 3.
    Reach out to individual participants you found through CoMakery using the Discord App. Broadcast any message about initial team participants and selected in the #Team-Formation channel (on discord) so that others can see your team and join (if you are recruiting).
  4. 4.
    Once you have found your team, create your own discord channel to start your team discussion and collaboration. Use the name of the prompt as first part of your channel name and add a team name, for example: carbonequity_ThisSpaceLeftIntentionallyBlank.
Link to the Collabathon Mission in CoMakery
See this tutorial on how to get started in CoMakery, and other useful links here as well:
We will use the GitCoin ecosystem to link special technical tasks since it will be directly linked to the GitHub. GitCoin will also be used to manage specific Awards funded through the GitCoin grants. Expect more updates on this soon.
Link will be updated soon.

Collabathon & Prompt Documentation

This Collabathon GitBook acts as the Participant's Manual for the event. You can read contribute details to prompts in the PROMPTS section, and provide documentation about your submitted hacks directly here in the HACKS section. To contribute to this GitBook you can use the link below to register as a writer. If you don't have a GitBook account you will be prompted to create one. You can also create teams within GitBook for coordination purpose.
Use this link to edit content on this Collabathon GitBook as a writer

Open Climate Code Management

To review and contribute code directly to the Open Climate Platform access the following GitHub repositories:
Open Climate BackEnd GitHub Repository
Open Climate FrontEnd GitHub Repository

Community-Choice Awards and Voting

The main awards are to be decided by the collabathon community itself via peer voting. We are defining the mechanism to manage this voting, and it is likely its creation and setup will be an actual Collabathon Prompt. Final updates will be posted by November 15.
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General Communication
Team Assembly & Prompt Contribution Management
Collabathon & Prompt Documentation
Open Climate Code Management
Community-Choice Awards and Voting