2019 Navigating Prompts
This section helps you understand how prompts are structured and what is the difference between each prompt category. You won't find the actual prompts in this section.
We recommend you to individually review the prompt categories and do an overview of the ones you are particularly interested before you find a team (unless you already have one), since this will help you flag which prompts you are interested and have other participants see your preference.
Browse through all prompts created for the OCC 2019. See and also see teams created during OCC 2019 on CoMakery. A process was designed to submit contributions.

Prompt Categories

The following categories for prompts were used for the OCC 2019: platform prompts, climate prompts, and collabathon prompts.

1. Platform Prompts

Prompts in this section are technical in nature since they correspond to desired improvements, features and issues to resolve in relation to the core software architecture of the Open Climate Platform.

2. Climate Domain Prompts

There are five categories of climate prompts. These correspond to the 5 integrated climate domains of the proposed open climate system. Each prompt requires both climate and software knowledge.

3. Collabathon Prompts

This collabathon is a proof-of-concept for radical collaboration. Prompts of this section revolve around the creation of software and tools that facilitates collaboration and can improve the Collabathon experience in the future.

Contributing content and tasks to a prompt

You can contribute to the background and context of a prompt, providing suggested readings and link, suggesting a suitable framework for the problem and the approach, or contribute ideas about solutions to address a specific challenge. This will make prompts richer and help other participants on their hacks. To do so you can log in as a writer to this GitBook and contribute directly to the respective prompt. However, we encourage to reach out to the respective Prompt Host before you do so.
You can also contribute a specific task as a specific contribution opportunity for a Prompt. If you want you suggested task to be listed in the CoMakery prompt managenment space then reach out to the specific prompt host so they can approve and create that task.

Submitting a hack to a prompt or task

Developing & Proposing a New Prompt

If you think the Collabathon should include a new Prompt that is not listed here, you can be a prompt host by propose a whole new prompt. Only do so if you have significant domain expertise to be able to compile all the minimum requirements needed for a prompt and you have the knowledge and time to help onboard participants to your prompts.
To submit a prompt, use the following form:

Prompts have the following suggested structure:

Prompt Title: Prompt Blurb (short): Prompt Hosts: [Contact of people that helped create the prompt, provided the background content and can help you if you are contributing to this specific prompt] Hints: [this can often describe the level of difficulty and the skills required, as well as hooks to get participants interested] Contribution opportunities: [Describes different suggested ways to contribute, so that potential hack participants understand the scope eg. background knowledge, links, design, ideas, thoughtware, software, testing, tasks etc. They can be divided into general milestone tasks (called 'Batch of Tasks' in CoMakery) or specific tasks. ] Structure:
  1. 1.
    Background and Suggested Reading
    1. 1.
      Problem framing (both climate and technology)
    2. 2.
      Relevant Docs and Code to Review
  2. 2.
    Proposed solution (optional): [in case the prompt is to execute a specific solution, integrate a solution or test and review a solution]
  3. 3.
    Challenge Specifications
    1. 1.
    2. 2.
      Specific (optional): [in case it requires a specific code framework and approach]

Prompts task management

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