2019 Expected contributions
The purpose of this Collabathon is to advance the Open Climate system and to build the infrastructure that enables radical global open source collaboration in order to provide a scalable solution that helps to realize the Paris Climate Agreement. There are many ways in which you can contribute to this mission:
Solve prompts
Prompts are the most defined way of contribution. Choose a prompt that we have provided and work on the tasks that are specified. Tasks can include the contribution of code, framework, strategy, background information. Deliverables can be submitted as code on GitHub, powerpoint presentations, word documents, images, pdf's, links etc.
Contribute to prompts
Prompt contribution is not as straight forward but just as important. Whenever you come across a prompt that needs more background information or thoughtware, please contribute and provide research, links, ideas, concepts, diagrams or whatever you feel is valuable. This will make prompts richer and help other participants on their hacks. If you know of software or projects that tackle similar challenges, provide thoughts on how to integrate this on the platform.
Create new prompts
In case you are a domain expert and find a gap in the functionality and mechanisms of the platform that we have not thought about yet, contribute new prompts to build those new puzzle pieces. Please refer to this section in navigating prompts to submit your prompt.

Contribution guidelines

The aim of this Collabathon is to integrate all contributions. Integration will involve a curation effort that will happen after the collabathon, so being able to explain your work and documentation will be just as important as your work itself. We are not looking for the "best code", we are looking for diverse and high-quality contributions that each tackle different pieces of what the platform should consider. To make use of all contributions, document them as much as possible.
  • Integratability: Your contribution needs to be embeddable into the platform and value proposition
  • Clarity: The approach and purpose of the contribution needs to be clearly defined
  • Documentation: Please make sure your code and other contributions are well documented and understandable so future developers/ participants can build on your solution
  • Effectiveness: Your solution should be effective in contributing to the mission of the Open Climate Platform and effective on a technical level
  • Scalability: Your contribution should be scalable in the long-term to serve as a global solution
  • Open source: Everything needs to be open source and publicly available, so please stay away from restricted access modules or find a way/ value proposition to onboard it to the platform
Again, deliverables can be in the form of code, powerpoint presentations, word documents, images, pdf's, links etc., dependent of the challenge at hand.
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