2019 Awards
The deadline for submission is 12am PT on December 3rd. All contributions submitted until this deadline will be considered for awards. If you are excited about this project, we encourage you to brainstorm with us how you can stay engaged and keep contributing.
We want to foster radical collaboration to harness our collective intelligence. Our awards go to teams that embrace this collaborative spirit and mutual support and approach problems with creativity.

Award Categories

There are three award categories for this Collabathon which aim to motivate you to live the spirit of collaboration and integrate your very different skills and backgrounds to come up with innovative solutions. We are making sure that all contributions are being rewarded - not only code, but ideas, strategies, research, thoughtware, frameworks and approaches, and contributions to prompts and the GitBook overall.

Most collaborative team

The Yale Open Lab team will judge the collaboration and mutual support across teams based on your activities in the digital environment. This includes how you have collaborated within the team, supported other teams (e.g. by answering questions in Discord), shared ideas with other teams and inspired each others approaches, shared research with teams working on similar prompts etc.
This award will be judged by the Yale Open Lab organizing team. We'll go through Discord to analyze your contributions, GitBook to check out your contributions to prompts and tasks and check with nodes on what they have observed throughout the events.

Most innovative contribution

Independent judges will choose the most innovative contribution based on the value and creativity of your contribution (code, prompt documentation, ideas etc.). We have a diverse team of judges which will assess your code, frameworks, strategies and value propositions, contributions etc. Innovative contributions should showcase a creative approach towards tackling unsolved challenges that pose big problems, the integration of new data, research, algorithms, technology or existing software modules. The innovation needs to provide a significant added value or new value proposition to the Open Climate Platform.
This award will be judged by a diverse set of external judges, which have backgrounds in climate policy, blockchain and software development. Judges will be announced before Dec. 2nd.

Most effective hack

The entire Collabathon community will judge on the most effective hack by upvoting team contributions. All participants will have the opportunity to go through the contributions and review how other teams have solved prompts, review their code, demos and presentations for the the effectiveness of their solution. This award is more targeted towards code, but can definitively be accommodated by thoughtware and strategy to emphasize the value of the contribution. The entire Collabathon community will be able to review contributions and upvote them. The team with the highest ranking will win this award.
Please refer to the section expected contributions to review submission guidelines.
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