Create a Node

Are you inspired to start a node in your location? You can register your node anytime and join the collaborative hack! Here is a guideline on how to do it.
Nodes are organizations/institutions anywhere in the world acting as ‘centers of gravity’ for the Open Climate Collabathon — typically universities and civic tech groups, but also businesses and non-profits. For the time being, nodes will move their whole activity online. Virtual nodes will have the same functions as in normal times, without hosting events in a physical location.
Covid-19: Due to the widespread effects of COVID-19 and social distancing, this year's Earth Day Celebration will take place digitally. Listen to renowned experts discuss their research on climate change, get acquainted with last year prompts and teams.

Current Nodes

We encourage participants from other parts of the world to host a Collabathon instance in their location.

Node Onboarding Information

Check out this slide deck to learn about the process of becoming a node and the benefits/responsibilities of becoming a node. See also the Node engagement expectations.

Register your new node

Fill this form and wait for your application to be reviewed and for a call from a co-organizer.

Become an ambassador

Share information about the Collabathon on social media. Here are some guidelines.

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