Climate Terminal

Team Name: Climate Terminal
Participants: Nadezhda Unesikhina, Sabyasachi Bhattacharya, Usha Dewasi, Lefora Williams, Elvira Hellenpart, Denisa Rucaj, Jeremy d’Esclercs, Massoud, Florian Muller, Joana Miranda Coelho, Armin Greinöcker, Abhijit Mone
Mentors: Sam Tuke, Mario Steinbuch, Oliver Bley
Node: Berlin, Germany (ESMT Berlin - NetImpact)
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Contribution summary:

Climate Terminal is web-platform about climate.
It has 4 sections – climate blog&news, climate dictionary, climate statistics and climate assets.
It aims to become number one portal for getting information about climate.
Our moto is “climate explained by people to people”.

Main Output:


Platform runs on Wordpress. It is flexible solution with API, various front-end shells and ready-made plugins.
We set up the framework and started work on content covering 3 sections out of 4.
· Climate News section runs via app and shows Google RSS for keyword “climate”.
· Climate Dictionary section has few articles created by us. We are working on extensive list of terms in the meantime.
· Climate Statistics section shows Carbon Budget and CO2 levels dynamics starting 19th century. This visualization is courtesy of PRIMAP research group. We found many other data sources. Main focus is on visualization at the moment
· Climate Assets section – is work in progress. During on-site hackathon we got basic understanding of the subject. However, deployment to our project of that information requires more hours of work and will be completed at later stage.
Accounts in main social media set up – Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram and Twitter. Main focus – content development.
We continue work on further enhancements.

Supporting documents

Source code for Back-end and Front-end:

Pitch Deck:

Climate Terminal - pitch deck