CaptAIM Plan8 - Climetrics

Asian Institute of Management | Manila, Philippines
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Team Name: CaptAIM Plan8
Participants: Jishu Basak, Jazel Castillo, Emmanuel Damian, David Felicelda, Masaki Mitsuhashi, Camile Perez, Anand Ramasamy, Jude Teves
Node: Manila, Phillipines (Asian Institute of Management)
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Email Address: [email protected]

Meet the Team

We are students from Asian Institute of Management (Manila, Philippines) coming from various specializations: Data Science, Innovation & Business, Development Management, and Executive MBA.
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Meet the Team

Carbon Insight Dashboard

Carbon insights allow the user to view carbon emissions that each country emits annually (measured in Carbon parts per billion by volume). Users may scroll through the years and click hover above any country to know carbon emission trends throughout the years. User may use the information to derive local or regional actions that ultimately lower the carbon emissions of the world.

Asset Insights

Asset Insights will allow the user to observe different assets that contribute to climate change that is present (such as assets related to gas and oil development, injection, etc). User may set filters to refine their searches such as types (whether these assets are active or inactive) and type (whether they are productive or not). User may use the information to identify which assets or infrastructures resource are allocated on.
Climate Financial Markets will allow the user to visualize trends related to climate carbon trade. Users may observe bid and ask difference a well a observe information such as balance, equity, and margin as well a free margin, margin level % and open P/L.

Sentiment Analysis

Sentiments will allow users to identify the social impacts of conversations on social media. The platform measures engagements, mentions, and word counts to a sentiment score that compares different trending hashtags. Users may use the information to make stock predictions or in development of financial instruments that takes into consideration climate related issues.
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