How to Submit your Work

Within this section, you will be able to create pages where you describe your work and hack

Steps to Submitting your Work

Read the "Submitting your hacks" section for more information.

The deadline for submission is 12am PT on December 2nd. All contributions submitted until this deadline will be considered for awards. If you are excited about this project, we encourage you to brainstorm with us how you can stay engaged and keep contributing.

1. Documentation HERE on GitBook

  1. Join as a writer.

  2. Create a new sub-page in the prompt section that you are contributing to (platform, climate, collabathon)

  3. Document everything that can be useful for future developers to pick up on your work:

    • Your approach

    • Research documents

    • Frameworks

    • Code & Comments

    • Powerpoint presentations & pitch decks

    • Images & Videos

2. Documentation on GitHub

All code work can be pushed to the specific Collabathon repository in GitHub:

3. Submission on CoMakery

Go to your 'Prompt Task' on the CoMakery space. Click 'Start Task.' Once you are ready to submit, you will be able to upload a URL and comments of your work, unless a specific URL is specified for that tasks. Approved submissions will award you with collabathon tokens, which you can collect to build your reputation.