Organize participation locally
Nodes are local organizations, anywhere in the world, that host a Collabathon instance at their own venue. We can also see them as clusters of participants bound together by physical proximity, forming strong interpersonal relations. For more information open the Node Onboarding deck. See also Requirements for nodes. Follow the Create a node page if you want to become one.
A node is a location anywhere in the world where hackers will congregate in the provided space to participate in the Collabathon. Nodes can choose to participant in specific prompts.
Requirements for hosting a node Node hosts will convene a Collabathon instance at their own venue. The core team will provide you with technical guidance on setting-up and accessing the online collaboration environment. Nodes have the flexibility of identifying and collaborating with other partners. Node hosts can also provide sponsorship by sourcing funds to cover expenses for their event (eg. catering for participants). The core team will work closely with node hosts and provide guidelines on setting up the venue, provide IT requirements and marketing support for remote collaboration. Collabathon Nodes are often also prompt hosts, or partner with prompt hosts so that their Collabathon instance can have a domain specific focus.

Current nodes