Timeline & Management

Read about the Collabathon timeline here and how to manage your time

The 2020 Collabathon timeline

As opposed to the 2019 Collabathon which span for two weeks in November, the 2020 Collabathon starts in April 22 and finishes in December 2nd. However, the year is organized around sprints or pulses that help the community gather and push forward development. The largest sprint is expected for November during the normal times when the Climate Summit (i.e. COP) occurs.
The following is the 2020 timeline and its specific sprints and events:

Earth Day events

See the Earth Day event page for full information of the different activities occurring throughout April

Open Hacks

As of April 25, the Collabathon environment will be open for teams and participants to start working on prompts and projects. Everyone has a different working and communication style and schedule. Please make sure you communicate openly and incorporate the needs of everyone during the decentralized hacking period. Most importantly, have fun together and build a new community!
The hack does not stop after these local instances. Teams can continue working until December 2nd until they have to submit their contributions.
Here is a quick timeline on how to use your time wisely during the Collabathon event at your local instance:
Find a team: Find team members with relevant skill sets for your prompt and assign roles. Prompt discussion: Discuss the prompt and do background research to get a good understanding of your tasks. Be sure to form a mutual understanding of the goal and deliverables of the prompt. Brainstorm & Ideate: Ideate approaches to solve the prompt. Break down problems into tasks & milestones and prioritize tasks that have to be done first. Create a backlog of tasks and make a plan of what needs to be completed by when. Assign responsibilities: Assign owners to each tasks with deadlines and deliverables and clarify if there are dependent work streams. Make sure that each team member has a clear understanding of their expected deliverables. Sprint plan: Discuss how you will work together in a decentralized fashion after the event until Dec 2nd and create a sprint with ideation and problem solving sessions, development and testing sessions. Please use Discord for all team communication so we can evaluate your work for the awards. Use mentorship: Use the guidance of mentors and our technical support team in case you are stuck or need ideas.
Join our Discord and connect with the community and coordinate for most of these steps.