Submitting your contributions

This page describes how to submit your hacks
Participant contributions are done in many forms, from improving prompts, to helping build community around the Collabathon. However, a big part of your contributions are going to involve your actual 'hacks' and work that you want to submit in an official manner.

Submit discussions notes

Any participant can harvest dialogs and share notes with everyone else. A harvester is appointed during a dialog, who will have edit access to the main April 2020 dialog Harvest document. Anyone has view and comment access to this document.

Team contributions

This GitBook has a special section on the side bar called HACKS where you and your team can create a special page to upload your work and its documentation. You can embed here google docs, google slides, images, text, code, API documentation etc. So definitely this GitBook is the best place to contribute your rich documentation.

Submit code

Most likely if the prompt tasks are code related, then it will prompt you to submit a GitHub link, unless its specifically related to code development within the versions of the Open Climate platform, either in the repository of the demo version, or in the alpha version being developed, in which case it will show up as an issue, or provide specific details of where to submit.
Otherwise, all code work can be added to Collabathon repository in GitHub. To do this, you will need to Fork the repository, create a branch (unless your content is standalone), and then submit a pull request. Please load your Hacks into the 'HACKS' folder.