Your Digital Environment

This section introduces you to the tools that enable team assembly, global communication, coordination with prompt hosts and nodes, and managing official contributions throughout the Collabathon.

We encourage all participants to login to all respective environments and tools. Nodes are particularly encouraged to register their local participants on these tools.

The main website

The Collabathon Main Website presents up-to-date information to the general public. Use it to sign up or register and to access information about current events.

Dialogues and Presentations Rooms

We use Zoom to hold online discussions. If you don't have the application please install it. Links to access dialogues on the main website.

General Communication

We use this Discord server as the communication tool for participants and teams to coordinate and discuss. If you don't have an account, please create one.


This Collabathon GitBook acts as the Participant's Manual for the event. We also use it to register our contributions, notes from Discussions and results from our Hacks. To contribute to this GitBook you can use this link to register as a writer. If you don't have a GitBook account yet, please create one.

We strongly encourage participants to harvest our online discussions. During every discussion there is an individual with the role of harvester. You can ask the harvester to provide you the link to the shared document to help taking notes. The link to these documents will be provided here, on GitBook.

Prompts and task management

Team Assembly & Prompt Contribution Management

We used CoMakery to organise the assembly of teams, help in the project/prompt management, and submit official work. The Collabathon was represented as a 'Mission' within CoMakery, and each prompt were set up as the Mission's 'Projects,' each one having general milestones called 'Batch of Tasks' as well as individual 'Tasks' which are specific contribution opportunities. More software heavy prompts and tasks can leverage the GitCoin ecosystem integrated to GitHub (see below).

We won't be using the Collabathon CoMakery space actively throughout April and May 2020. We are working with CoMakery to improve functionalities that may allow new economic incentives and project management processes for a more robust digital environment in the future. We hope to launch a new and improved digital environment around September 2020 to cater for the big Novemeber Collabathon sprint.

Software Management

If during your Hacks you contribute code directly to the Open Climate Platform, you access the following GitHub repositories: