Open Source Climate DAO

Get consumers more engaged with climate change!
Engage in discussions Discord: #hyperledger and #climate-dao


Give people a chance to choose climate projects that appeal to their values. If your actions benefit the places and things that you care about, then climate change becomes a real, everyday for you. You might enjoy a nice pint of lager or a glass of wine. Or maybe you love skiing. Or may want to visit Venice, Italy. Your actions on climate change could affect the future of beer making, wineries, ski slopes, and Venice.


We're looking for blockchain developers, climate activists, and technical experts on carbon offsets and climate action to come together and plan a real DAO which can be put into action. We will discuss:
  • Who are the right experts for climate action?
  • How do we set up a voting mechanism to balance the views of experts with the values of the community?
  • What technology platform should we use to set up the DAO?
  • How do we test and deploy the DAO?
Is a project for setting up a DAO that allows members to vote on climate action while giving weight to experts, who help manage the technical aspects of potential projects. See more on Hyperledger.


A DAO is a collaboration mechanism based on blockchain technology. It combines the blockchain's immutable records, trusted identities, and automated smart contract execution to help a group make collective decisions. DAO's could be set up to balance the needs of experts and minorities in group decision making through holographic consensus and quadratic voting.