We need a network to tackle wicked problems.
COMMUNITY EVENTS are a number of coordinated events across the world. You can propose one too. Events can be of various types and can take place offline and/or online. The goal is to build a movement, to discover new initiatives, to build new relations, to collaborate and have fun together.
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___________________________________ Who can join? Anyone. An individual or any type of organisation. Feel free to invite others.
Wat type of event? Anything. Should somewhat fit with the Open Climate Project. Should fit with Values and Principles. Even propose something already planned that falls between Nov. 16th and 23rd. Different types of events are suggested, feel free to propose others.
Who's in charge? You. As an event organizer you'll also be responsible for creating and maintaining a stimulating and fun environment for everyone else, like everyone else.
Click the form above and everything else should flow from there.
This event is participatory, i.e. open to participation and governed as a do-ocracy. This event is emergent, it self-organizes based on stigmergy.
In other words, you can do pretty much what you want, as along as you stay within a set of given boundaries, which are drawn by the topic and the values of the OCC.
  • There is no manager, everyone tries to inspire, help and maintain a good atmosphere.
  • There is no leader, coordinate and collaborate with others in your vicinity, they'll do the same.
  • There is no central plan, listen to signals around you and try to build synergy.
  • Everything is shifting fast, don't bother understanding and mapping everything. Make sure that you and your closest peers are doing OK and complement each other.
If you feel lost or don't understand everything you're in the right place! Creation happens on the border with chaos.


Communication - COMMUNITY EVENTS Discord Channel Philosophy - Working doc Mechanics - Spreadsheet


Events are autonomously run by their initiators. Events must be on topic with the Collabathon and adopt the Values & Principles. If, and only if the above conditions are met, events can use the Collabahon's branding assets.


We are all peers during the COMMUNITY EVENTS. Some of us can take Support Roles, if you haven't when you filled the Form to PROPOSE AN EVENT you can return to it anytime.

List of roles


For enything, whenever you get lost, ask in the COMMUNITY EVENTS Discord Channel.

Produce your event

Your first and foremost important task is to successfully produce your event. If you need help, contact your peers playing the role of Orientation, Coordination and Facilitation. Perhaps you want to play this roles?

Build bridges

Connect with other events, build synergy, collaborate. Rate and comment on other events. Interlink with other events, promote, give each other visibility.

Capture and surface

Document your activities and what happens in your vicinity. Create media content, garnish it with the Collabahon's branding assets and push it on social media using the shared tags. Collaborate on content creation with other events, whenever possible. Get help from your peers playing the roles of Harvester and Outreach [see above]. Perhaps you want to play these roles?
Document and bring to everyone's attention interesting processes, problems, solutions, coordinate with your peers playing the role of Facilitation and Coordination. Perhaps you want to play this roles?


Take a Support Role to be an agent in the self-organization process [see above]. Our role is to make things flow smoothly around. We feed on the information captured and surfaced by all the peers to understand how everything comes together. Whenever we see things that want to connect, we help them connect. Whenever we see problems we propose solutions, be it by offering help, tools, governance support, etc. We embed the structure we create as we go into our processes. See Trello for organizing.
Every event will produce or create something. Our role is to channel all that into one large stream. In doing so,
  • Our collective output will be better recognized by outsiders
  • We will share a sense of collective accomplishment
  • We will partake in the development of collective intelligence and get one step closer to tackle the world's most wicked problem, climate change.
A process for the flow of our collective output will be proposed soon. You might want to take a support role and contribute to it [see Structure tab + Roles section for more]?
If you want to contribute to the evolution of Community Events you can join the core team of facilitators and administrators. Ask on Discord, follow our work in progress.

List of events