Online sessions - how to

Dialog process overview

See how run a Zoom session here. Inspired from ROOM for Contribution.


Event Animator
Focused on experience, facilitates the conversation, keeps everyone interested and excited. Animator - gives anima (=soul) to the event.
Event Facilitator
Operates Zoom, makes sure that everything is running smoothly.
Takes notes into a shared document with public view. Process has been described here. This information will feed content production after the event.
Social media communication
See more here.


The format of the dialogues is that of a relaxed and honest conversation, fire-side chat style, but still provide space for you to share your perspective and expertise. This tone will help everyone share their personal perspective in the global pandemic context which we face, and any insight this brings to the climate challenge. It will also provide a higher level of participation from the audience once the floor is open for attendees to speak.

Preparations and work

  • Individuals who will take these roles will need to rehearse an online dialog and perfect their art together, as a group.
  • Event facilitator
    • Set the stage at least 15 minutes in advance, starting the Zoom session.
    • Make sure there is a Discord channel set up for discussions during the session.
    • Use DiscordChatExporter to provide the content to the Harvester.
  • Animators
    • Make a plan for every dialog session and share that with the technical support individual at least 30 minutes before a session.
    • Have at least one 30 min session with the speakers anytime before the session.
    • At the beginning of the event announce where attendees can chat (Discord, or a social media channel?), announce the #tags that everyone can use on social media, announce that someone will take notes.
  • Harvester
    • Get acquainted with the subject at least 30 minutes before the session, and with the bio of the speakers.
    • At the end of the session the notes must be cleaned and recorded in the harvest document. The harvester might receive notes taken by other participants, he/she must also integrate these notes. Also, the harvester must scrape the chat for interesting ideas or additions by attendees.
  • Outreach
    • Report the dialog of the day before on social media, and send a reminder of the dialog about to happen 30 minutes before it starts. He/she can use information from the harvest document from a previous session to incite participation to the next one.
    • Send out invitations for next talks. Invitations should include: link to the Zoom session, Link to the Discord channel for chats, #tags for social media.
    • Publish a mini report when the day ends, opening to the next day.

Community Break Out Sessions

The session will wrap at the end of the hour, but the zoom room will remain open for 60 min more to enable a totally open community dialogue to emerge. If there are many attendees, we will break them into breakout sessions within Zoom. Your participation in this second 60 min with the online community is totally optional. This won’t be a heavily moderated session and you are free to even guide the dialogue going forward if you so choose. The idea is to allow people around the world to connect and create a sense of online community and dialogue both around climate and its present-day context.