This page serves the core team for orientation.

CORE TEAM Anyone can gain access to the core team, through proven commitment and responsibility, and contribute to the Open Climate Collabathon organisation and project. If you are new to this, start by contacting one of the co-organizers and offer your time to help. You can use Discord.

In order to improve and to avoid past mistakes, the design, planning and execution of the next OCC must take into consideration feedback of the previous one.

  • See OCC Evaluation doc produced by Sensorica.

  • other evaluation docs or sources ?! [Martin?]

Organisational structure


  • Sponsorship - link to where the work is performed.


  • Ambassadors - communication [links to Sebastian's work]

Planning for November 2020 event

Scheduling of the November 2020 event

Presentation of the November 2020 Event concept


Apart from this environment, we also use:


Co-organizers contacts


Other collaboration environments

Open meeting minutes [not all minutes have been recorded, sorry] We use Google Calendar to coordinate for meetings and sprints. Access by invitation only.

Other tools

Discord Chat Exporter