Platform Prompts

These prompts are specific technical contribution opportunities to the open source development of the Open Climate Platform.
This prompt section is incomplete. It will be updated in the coming weeks by the development team. For questions write to [email protected]
Prompts in this section are technical in nature since they correspond to the desired improvements, features and issues to resolve in relation to the core software architecture of the Open Climate Platform.
PROMPT CATEGORY HOSTS: The Open Climate Platform Team (contact)

Background and suggested readings

The 'Open Climate Platform' is an open source project (backend, frontend repositories) designed to be a core integrating layer for a global climate accounting system. Since prompts in this section relate specifically to development requirements for the platform, we suggest participants and potential prompt hosts to go over the following documentation and repositories:

Proposed software stack as structure for platform prompts

The main development requirements in the Open Climate Platform, and thus the basis for this category of prompts, are based on the proposed software stack architecture.
The below software stack diagram provides a visual reference on how the platform project is laid out with regards to external data sources, data platforms and DLT-based platforms. The main development efforts are contoured in green since external data sources are comprised of existing climate accounting platforms and the blockchain layer includes emerging blockchain-based applications. Prototype developments in the blockchain layer include common smart contracts (eg. the Paris agreement) and handlers that can communicate with a diverse set of blockchains (eg. Ethereum, Bitcoin, Cosmos, Stellar etc.).
Fig. 1: Proposed software stack
The three main components in the development efforts are:
  1. 1.
    The open source repository hosting the source code for the web application that integrates multiple existing climate related platforms into a single platform.
  2. 2.
    The consolidation of protocols and standards to enable such an interoperable and multi-layered climate accounting ecosystem along with the required governance mechanisms to maintain it.
  3. 3.
    A climate portal that allows multiple stakeholders to interface and interacts with the global accounting system, directly via the web application or via their integrated platforms.


Some relevant tasks could include:
  • Researching existing greenhouse gas accounting methodology under existing pre-2020 UNFCCC
  • Develop standardized input requirements for the NAZCA portal run by the UNFCCC
  • Set up a verification component that assumes values for those organizations that have not reported emissions, but allows those organizations to claim their profile and report their emissions if they verify their identity as part of the organization.

Questions, contacts and contributing prompts

If you have specific questions about this section, if you feel key pieces of information are missing, or if you want to contribute a prompt to this category, you can register as a 'writer' in this GitBook space and write comment and additions directly. However, we encourage you to contact the following prompt hosts to let them know:

Prompt Hosts:

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