This GitBook wiki provides all the guidance you’ll need to participate in the 2020 Open Climate Collabathon, along with links to important support resources available to help you succeed.

November 2020 Collabathon

Join us from November 6th to the 23rd, OPEN DIALOGUES and COMMUNITY EVENTS.
Follow the event's webpage.


The Open Climate Collabathon is an international open source initiative to establish a global Platform for climate pledges, action tracking, carbon mitigation and finance, which reflects the current state of planet Earth (i.e. temperature increase, resilience etc.). The project focuses on leveraging emerging digital technologies like blockchain & distributed ledgers, Cloud Computing, Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning, IoT and other innovations to create a globally shared digital hub encompassing the frameworks, tools, agreements, actions, data, and other linkages, which will be essential for coordinating a timely climate change response, internationally.

Openly shared knowledge and technology

The spirit of the Open Climate Project is radical collaboration around a common planetary challenge. We create shared knowledge and open source technologies. Whilst we encourage Creative Commons and open source licenses, you can contribute in whatever license you prefer, granted it's a unique and original work that does not use existing software with a different license.
Any work contributed directly to the Open Climate Platform has to respect its current license. Back end software code is primarily published under a Lesser General Public License version 3 (LGPL3) in order for its libraries to be compatible within proprietary software— yet ensuring the core platform layer remains open source. Front-end software code of the Open Climate portal is published under an MIT License. Integrated platforms are encouraged to contribute API integration code under respective licenses, as well as define mechanisms by which their existing proprietary software (if any) would interact with the common Open Climate protocol layer via their existing APIs.


This GitBook is published under: Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International Open Climate Platform Core: LGPL-3 Open Climate Front End: MIT License

Contributing to this GitBook

This site is a living document that ideally gets enriched throughout the Collabathon. Anyone can contribute. If you have suggested edits be thoughtful and consult with and organizing member. Otherwise, feel free to push suggestions and wait for them to get approved.
The aim of the Collabathon is for people around the world to work and solve important prompts which are pieces to and overall climate accounting puzzle. Prompt descriptions and team contributions can be documented in this GitBooks. Ideally, no good idea or proposition gets lost. All nodes and teams are expected to harvest their discussions and document their work in a clear and comprehensible way, easy to integrate and to be further developed by others. Make sure to record these contributions here on GitBook.

You can add content by joining as a writer for the GitBook through this link.

Become a co-organizer

The Open Climate Collabathon is an open enterprise, i.e. anyone can rapidly migrate to the core of the action based on efforts deployed and gained appreciation, gain access to the organizing group. For an overview of core activities see Dashboard.

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